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Audio Recording Studio

The Music Room is dedicated to helping local performers create professional sounding recordings at an affordable price.

Our staff is comprised of cash strapped musicians like you. We know the price tag associated with large studios is prohibitive for most amateur artists. Our Recording Studio was created so independent artists could have greater access to a studio environment.

Everybody Has a Song in Them

We believe that every person has a good song in them (although some don't know it). Haven't you dreamed about hearing what your song would sound like recorded in a real studio?

Like to sing but can't play an instrument? No problem - we can use a karaoke music track to back up your vocals. Alternatively, we have relationships with a collection of local musicians that can support your studio effort. Also, if you play but don't have enough instruments (or good enough instruments), you can use some of ours.

Do you perform live music? Come play at one The Music Room's performance nights and we can make a multitrack recording of your live performance. We mix this in the studio at a later date, then provide you with individual MP3's for each song in your performance. Visit our SoundCloud Page to hear a sampling of our live recordings.

Studio Recording

Our goal is to make using our studio affordable for everyone. With that in mind, we've setup a simple studio pricing structure of $30 per hour (typical songs take 3-8 hours, depending on the number of tracks, overdubs, edits, etc).

Here are the steps in our studio process:

  1. *Studio time to record all the tracks needed for your song under the direction of a Recording Engineer. We typically record 2 or more takes for each key instrument and vocal.
  2. Perform simple edits and cross-fades to clean up errors in your performance.
  3. Mix your tracks, including Relative Volume, Pan, Equalization, Compression, Delay/Reverb, etc.
  4. Output tracks to a Stereo Master. Master (final editing) of this version of the song. Email an MP3 version of the song to you.
  5. *You review the song and send us back comments and changes you'd like, if any.
  6. Re-mix then Master based on your comments.
  7. A final MP3 version of the song is emailed to you. We can provide a CD version of the song if requested.

Note - The steps with an * you are involved with. We independently perform all the other steps. The entire process typically takes 1-2 weeks.

If you are not familiar with a typical studio recording process, here are a couple of nice overviews:

Live Performance

If you perform at The Music Room, we can make a multitrack recording of your performance. We mix this in the studio at a later date, then provide you MP3's (and a CD if requested) of your songs. Pricing for this service is $150 per 45 minute set and includes a complimentary video of your performance. Visit our SoundCloud Page to hear a sampling of our live recordings.

Recording Assi

If you do your own recording, we can supplement what you do in several ways, such as:
  • Master your mixed tracks
  • Final Mix your tracks, or assist you with your final mix
  • Record instruments, such as drums, where you don't have enough inputs
  • Provide education and a sounding board through our Recording Workshops
  • Provide education and tools through our Studio Resources webpage

  Our Sponsors, who help make The Music Room possible: