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We are a community center with a recording studio and a live performance stage located in East Aurora, NY. We cater to local musicians and fans of local music. Our venue:

  • Is All Ages all the time
  • Has live music several nights per week
    • Wednesdays - Ukulele Group
    • Fridays - Open Mic
    • Saturdays - Live Music Sets
  • Has a stage, lights, house PA system, amps, and drum kit
  • Is a audio recording studio with 16 simultaneous multitrack recording capability, plus HD video recording
  • Has a pool table, foosball table, & various board games
  • Is available to book for private events and rehearsals

Free Studio Recording - Get a song recorded in the studio, or a multitrack recording of a 45 minute live set, for free once you’ve drawn 50 people for your weekend live shows.

Our Mission

Promote youth music in our community and help create a vibrant local music scene.

A vibrant music scene makes for a stronger, healthier, and more interesting community that is a great place to live. Also, studies have shown that when young people participate in music, they do better in school and end up living a healthier and happier life.

In many ways, youth music is under siege today. School music programs are often one of the first areas to be cut when budgets are tight. Performers under 21 years of age are very limited in the venues they can perform at.

We believe that youth music is the seed that can help grow a vibrant music scene. However, without community support, the youth music seed will not grow.

In the future, we would like our community to be renowned for having a vibrant music scene, similar to Austin Texas, with The Music Room being acknowledged as a strong contributor to making that happen.

Gabe Testimonial PhotoAt the root of mankind, the very distinguishing factor of the human being, and the basis of civilization, is the ability to question, create, and express. Expression is the fundamental voice of humankind. It puts us in unison with the world at large, and through this connection we come to understand the world, and the world comes to understand us. Creative expression is an exchange, it is what makes us unique individuals, yet what also binds us holistically together as one. Every aspect of existence is sound, vibration, motion, and music. To create is to let the world fill you with its sound, and for you to fill the world with yours. It is a communion. Without forms of creative expression we would cease to be at all. Without the creative voice of each individual we cease to be in any form of communion, and thus any hope of whole community ceases to hold. We become silent. And so if we ought to continue being human it is our duty as humans to ensure the nurturing of this creative voice within us.

The Music Room is an organization unlike any other I have yet to see. It is a home. It is a place of refuge. A place where all people of any infinite kind can come and open themselves to the world and let their voice be heard. In this millennial era it has become harder to find places of creative refuge that allow for open expression. The Internet comes with a plethora of self-consciousness and scrutiny of selfhood; school systems often struggle to create safe environments for children to explore their individuality without constraint or strings attached, as well as many people’s home lives. The Music Room nurtures the creative voice. It allows for each voice to be heard, and heard with open ears and an open heart. The uniqueness and value of The Music Room lays in the fact that The Music Room carries the weight and heart of humanity. It is the essential and necessary factor of any beneficial community.

For myself personally, The Music Room has been a home away from home. I am blessed to have found a place that allows for such unique collaboration and aesthetic expression, with such energy and creative voice. It has been a place that has nurtured the birth of numerous great artistic ideas. It has allowed for my personal thoughts, and the philosophies of each member in our musical collective, Our Modern Moloch, to be heard and shared with the larger community. After we had distributed our first EP a friend of mine had told me the demo was “the sound of pure happiness”. Without The Music Room we would not have inspired, and been inspired by the numerous unique voices of our community. To have a center that thrives on this exchange of voice and intangible unity is be witness to the very essence of mankind. I am very grateful for The Music Room for its daily pursuit of spreading this sound of happiness, and nurturing the great heart of East Aurora.

Without it we are silent. 

Gabriel Montone

Finn PhotoI am a seventeen year old musician who frequently performs and attends shows at The Music Room in East Aurora.  For over a year now, myself and many other young musicians have enjoyed the opportunities that The Music Room affords us, although I am sure many more have enjoyed the venue as well before I first came there. The best thing about The Music Room is its variety and affordability; various lessons, open mics, and diverse artists are available each week, usually at a cost of five dollars or less!


I got my start playing the free open mics and was soon able to book my own paid shows.  I was even able to get a live set recorded by The Music Room, and so my semi-professional music career has made it online, which is a crucial step in any musician’s life.  The friends I have earned and the lessons I have learned at The Music Room have influenced me far more than I could have dreamed; my identity owes more to this one venue than any other factor.


It is rare that I throw my support to anything or anyone.  However, I recommend to the fullest extent possible, to any musician or music fan, The Music Room in East Aurora, because their goal is not to soak up your money.  Their goal is a righteous path towards establishing a place for musicians to prosper.  Check it out!



Finn Jackson 


Have you considered becoming a Sponsor or Member of The Music Room? To remain viable, we depend on strong community support through Memberships and Sponsorships.

The following are Testimonials from people who have personally experienced the value of The Music Room.

Greg Clark PictureThe Music Room of East Aurora has a very special place in my heart and the reasons go back before the place even existed.
I've been playing in bands since the spring of 2009 at the age of fifteen. At the time, I was just a part of other people’s bands and found it hard dealing with the workers who ran the venues that we played at. They wouldn't allow any type of extra equipment (AV equipment, banners, lights, etc.) and the sound people were generally novice. Then, in the summer of 2014, I had a band of my own design with the troubles of getting booked.

I was very fortunate to have my musical friends in Our Modern Moloch tell me about a new venue in East Aurora and that they had an open slot for a show in early August. That first gig at the Music Room was unforgettable.  The sound was excellent and the tickets were cheap enough for my poor friends to come out and enjoy my music. As the year progressed, we booked more shows there with our own visual backdrop, lights, costumes, and the sound was always great. This was a place where bands can do anything, and if they pulled in enough people, could also make some money.

Beside the fact that I was finally able to put on the performance that I wanted with the quality I wanted, I've connected with so many talented people that I would have never known existed. These are fellow musicians that drive me to be a better performer and work well with others. The place is littered with young talent and untapped potential every week.

The Music Room opened up a lot of opportunities for my band and my own personal musicianship that I never thought possible. It was a game changer for East Aurora and can still change the game as time goes on. All this great venue needs is a little support from those that live in this fine village.  With everyone involved, we can make not only the Music Room, but East Aurora a musical staple of Western New York.

Greg Clark

Milo Duhn PictureI’ve been going to The Music Room for about a year and a half now. In that time I’ve come to take with me so many memories that wouldn’t have happened without The Music Room’s existence.  
Some would assume that The Music Room is just a small venue for local bands, but it’s a whole lot more than that. To me, The Music Room represents a well needed, weekly escape from the stress that life throws towards us.  

It’s unique from other places in this town, in the sense that it doesn’t feel like a business. It’s not a place that just wants your money and nothing else.  It’s a place where anyone can go and get on stage every Thursday and gain support and love from everyone else in the room. It’s a place where people can go see their friends and dance the night away to the bands and peeps that play on Saturdays.  

Everyone who’s in The Music Room at any given time is a part of a supporting family of music. That family brings motivation to do great things, meet great people, and support them as well. It’s a place where I’ve met many friends and The Music Room keeps those friendships going every week. I’m proud to be a Member of The Music Room, because it’s like a second home that will always make your nights great.  

A lot of people look forward to weekend. I look forward to Thursday, because that’s the day where I can be sure to spend my night hanging with some friends, playing some cool songs for everyone, and finding new acts to look forward to seeing in the near future.  

Support The Music Room, because it will gladly support you.

Milo Duhn

Dan Bailey PictureI have always had this general thought that The Music Room was a pretty cool idea. But when I was asked to describe its impact my life as a musician and a fan of live music, I realized that The Music Room had become a very significant part of my musical life. 

As a fan of live music I have been exposed to a very diverse musical experience. Often times The Music Room hosts a lot performers that you wouldn’t get to hear in a lot of standard music venues, and some that you would. The intimacy of the performance space at The Music Room really enhances the experience of these live performances. It is a great place to go hear what’s new and different. 

As a musician who likes to write and record music, I love having access to studio caliber recording equipment, and the knowledgeable staff that makes it all happen. It is a comfortable place to work on songs, making the finished product much more enjoyable. Without The Music Room I wouldn’t be able to accomplish half of what I’ve done. And there is no better place in the area to perform a live show. Everything we need is there when we show up!

I’m a Music Room Member and have never regretted making the decision to join last year. With the right amount of support we can keep this gem of a venue up and running so others can explore and utilize everything it has to offer. 

Dan Bailey

  Our Sponsors, who help make The Music Room possible: