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We are a community center with a recording studio and a live performance stage located in East Aurora, NY. We cater to local musicians and fans of local music. Our venue:

  • Is All Ages all the time, with free admission for audience 12 and under
  • Has live music at least 2 nights per week
    • Thursdays - Open Mic
    • Saturdays - 45 Minute sets from local performers
  • Has a stage, lights, house PA system, amps, and drum kit
  • Is a recording studio with 16 simultaneous multitrack recording capability
  • Is available to book for private events and rehearsals

Free Studio Recording Promotion - Get a song recorded in the studio, or a multitrack recording of a 45 minute live set, for free once you’ve drawn 50 people for your weekend live shows.

Our Mission

Promote youth music in our community and help create a vibrant local music scene.

A vibrant music scene makes for a stronger, healthier, and more interesting community that is a great place to live. Also, studies have shown that when young people participate in music, they do better in school and end up living a healthier and happier life.

In many ways, youth music is under siege today. School music programs are often one of the first areas to be cut when budgets are tight. Bands under 21 years of age are very limited in the venues they can perform at.

We believe that youth music is the seed that can help grow a vibrant music scene. However, without community support, the youth music seed will not grow.

In the future, we would like our community to be renowned for having a vibrant music scene, similar to Austin Texas, with The Music Room being acknowledged as a strong contributor to making that happen.

  609 Oakwood Ave, East Aurora, NY